Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pelvic/Hip Post-op

(X-RAY TAKEN 12/06/2017)

I had my Pelvic/Hip Surgery on October 27th, 2017 - conducted by two surgeons (Dr. JS & Dr. CB).  If I remember right - the surgery took about 4-5 hours to complete. This surgery was to correct a few non-unions due to my right and left hip PAO surgeries & stress/fall. They did a bone graft to fill two larger non-unions, then put plates going across on the right and the left. Then, a screw into the non-unions on my lower pelvic bone. I am not a doctor, obviously, so I am unsure of bone names.

I woke up feeling great! And, had almost zero pain - however; I was on an epidural which was administering pain medication right into my IV. My blood pressure was super low while I was on the epidural, and the nurses were worried. Once removed from the epidural, my blood pressure returned to normal.

My surgery was on Friday the 27th, and I was able to go home on Monday the 30th. I was instructed to use a walker. And, was able to get around quite easily, especially since I was full-weight bearing! What a difference from the other surgeries!

I met with Dr. JS again yesterday. The x-ray indicated that that the bone graft on my left side isn't healing as expected. On a positive note, the right one is! I am also still feeling screws in my pelvic bone, and they are causing me quite a bit of discomfort! Dr. JS conducted a Pelvic Exam, with a nurse present, so he could better understand what I was feeling & where. Dr. JS is going to consult with the pelvic doctor (Dr. CB). He stated that they are going to discuss the next steps, and contact me by the end of the week.

Here is a FB post that I made after my 6 week post-op appointment:

Sarah Viglione
December 6, 2017 

Everything is healing great! Thankful for such an easy recovery this time around! 
May still need one more minor surgery to remove a couple of the screws.
 — at Froedtert Hospital.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hip/Pelvic Surgery Scheduled

I received a call today to schedule the Hip/Pelvic Surgery to fix the non-unions (breaks due to left & right PAO surgeries & stress fractures). Will be getting the surgery in October! 😁 Anxious to get this surgery done to hopefully be in less discomfort!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

1 Year Left Hip PAO Post-Op

I met with Dr. JS & Dr. B today. They just got the 3-D Print Model of my Pelvic/Hip Bone this morning. GE thought it was so fascinating that they printed it for free for Froedtert! Most likely will be getting 2 plates, bone graft & a screw or two to fix the non-unions. They are waiting on one more Print Model to verify their plan, but the estimated surgery date will be this coming Fall. The recovery shouldn't be too long and they said that I could be weight bearing as tolerated with assisted devices (walking or crutches). Anxious to get this surgery done, so I can live with less pain and hopefully walk a little better (without a limp).

Here are some pictures of the 3-D Model:

Friday, February 24, 2017

7 Months L-Hip PAO Post-Op

Sorry for the lack of posts again, but for the most part my recovery has been extremely good! I did Physical Therapy once a week, then down to once every other week until the end of November 2016.  I felt like I was able to do most of his requests at home, so I discontinued my visits.  We also put in an offer on a home at that time, so life was busy with packing and moving.

I met with Dr. JS mid-January for 6-month post-op & x-rays. It showed 3 non-unions, with a possible 4th non-union (stress-fracture).  He ordered a CT scan, and then scheduled a follow-up visit with him and another Ortho Doctor on February 23rd to discuss the results.  I met with them and they suggested that I get a bone graft surgery along with a couple screws and a plate across my pelvic bone. They are converting my CT scan into a 3D Model, so they can practice the surgery first, as my anatomy isn't "normal" ... so, they want to make sure that it'll work first.

That's it for now ... keep y'all posted! :-)

X-Ray from October 27, 2016 Visit (3-Months Post-Op)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Four Weeks POST - Left Hip PAO

I had my four week post-op appointment this morning with Dr.JS. They took x-rays to review my progress. So far, everything is healing great! Dr. JS stated that I will start Physical Therapy in 2 weeks (6 weeks post-op).  At that time, I can start putting weight on my left leg ... 25% weight-bearing at 6-7 weeks, 50% weight-bearing at 7-8, 75% weight-bearing 8-9 weeks, 100% after that as long as I'm doing well. I'm so happy that everything is healing well and that I didn't have to go the full estimated 8 weeks non-weight-bearing (like I had to go for my right-hip PAO). 

My pain is very limited and minimal.  I've been experiencing some pain on my right rear-side of my hip.  I discussed this with Dr. JS, he wasn't too concerned at this time.  He's stated that it's probably irritated since it's working extra hard.

I haven't been sleeping the best, up several times a night.  I contacted my PCP yesterday and they prescribed me a sleep aid (since melatonin hasn't been working). Hoping that starts helping me get a little extra sleep at night.  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Two Weeks Post-PAO

A couple days ago I tried to removed my bandage to take an evening shower, but it was sticking to my incision. I was able to remove it slowly with the help of warm water while showering. However, since it was still pretty sticky, I didn't re-bandage it that night. I kept the bandage off to air it out while I slept. Since I've only been able to sleep on my back, I knew that I wouldn't rip open the incision by rolling over or moving. Since then, I've been airing it out every night. The incision has been pretty itchy on and off - but since airing it out the past 3 nights, the itchyness has decrease.

I took my last Morphine pill on Sunday. Since then, my pain level has been about the same.  However, now I've been taking one Oxycodone in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Dr. JS expected that I would probably need to increase the Oxycodone once the Morphine ended. I'm happy that I've only had to add one dose.