Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to Land Physical Therapy

A week and a half ago, ATI Physical Therapy measured my foot again and it measured at -30 degrees.  When I first started at ATI in June, they measured me at -39 degrees, and just before I started Aquatic Therapy (beginning of August) I was measuring at -15 degrees.  I definitely could see that the Aquatic Therapy was not helping my foot at all.  All of last week and from here on out I have completely transferred back to land PT (3 days/week).  By last week Friday I was already showing improvement and was measured at -25 degrees.  And today I was measured at -21 degrees.  I am so happy that my foot is starting to go in the right direction again!  It made me so nervous when my progress got worse!  I just wish this process was a lot faster!  I miss being able to walk normal, without constantly tripping over my foot.  I also can't run after my children as I would probably fall flat on my face.  I really hope that my Drop Foot would just go away - I just keep praying that it will soon!  

(Just a reminder for those who may not know or have forgotten --->  Most people can raise their foot to a +10 to +20 degrees.  My left foot can raise to a +20, so I'm sure that is what my right foot was before I had the PAO surgery in March.  I have a long way to go yet - (another 30-40 degrees)).