Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hip/Pelvic Surgery Scheduled

I received a call today to schedule the Hip/Pelvic Surgery to fix the non-unions (breaks due to left & right PAO surgeries & stress fractures). Will be getting the surgery in October! 😁 Anxious to get this surgery done to hopefully be in less discomfort!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

1 Year Left Hip PAO Post-Op

I met with Dr. JS & Dr. B today. They just got the 3-D Print Model of my Pelvic/Hip Bone this morning. GE thought it was so fascinating that they printed it for free for Froedtert! Most likely will be getting 2 plates, bone graft & a screw or two to fix the non-unions. They are waiting on one more Print Model to verify their plan, but the estimated surgery date will be this coming Fall. The recovery shouldn't be too long and they said that I could be weight bearing as tolerated with assisted devices (walking or crutches). Anxious to get this surgery done, so I can live with less pain and hopefully walk a little better (without a limp).

Here are some pictures of the 3-D Model:

Friday, February 24, 2017

7 Months L-Hip PAO Post-Op

Sorry for the lack of posts again, but for the most part my recovery has been extremely good! I did Physical Therapy once a week, then down to once every other week until the end of November 2016.  I felt like I was able to do most of his requests at home, so I discontinued my visits.  We also put in an offer on a home at that time, so life was busy with packing and moving.

I met with Dr. JS mid-January for 6-month post-op & x-rays. It showed 3 non-unions, with a possible 4th non-union (stress-fracture).  He ordered a CT scan, and then scheduled a follow-up visit with him and another Ortho Doctor on February 23rd to discuss the results.  I met with them and they suggested that I get a bone graft surgery along with a couple screws and a plate across my pelvic bone. They are converting my CT scan into a 3D Model, so they can practice the surgery first, as my anatomy isn't "normal" ... so, they want to make sure that it'll work first.

That's it for now ... keep y'all posted! :-)

X-Ray from October 27, 2016 Visit (3-Months Post-Op)