Monday, April 4, 2016

3 Years Post PAO Surgery

It's been just over 3 years since my Right Hip Reconstruction (PAO) Surgery.  My R-Hip continues to feel great with the occasional discomfort, but overall it's been a great recovery in regards to the hip portion.

My Right Foot is still "dropped," however it is manageable - I can raise it about 90/95% of the way up (when I compare it to my Left Foot). I subconsciously make an extra effort to raise it while I walk. Hoping that at some point my R-Foot will make a Full Recovery, but not expecting it at this point.

CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome):
Gosh, I have been doing so well in this area.  I'm trying to remember the last time that I saw Dr. Patel for a "Sympathetic Nerve Block Injection".  I believe that it's been about 2 years.  I am so happy that I made it another winter without any issues for the most part.  I still need to keep my foot warm to keep it comfortable.  Therefore, my Heated Mattress Pad is my best friend in winter (and summer on the cold nights).  I wear socks most of the time, especially when my foot is bothering me a bit. I've really been able to adjust to the change these past few years, and it's becoming part of my daily routine.

I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to get my Left Hip Reconstruction (PAO) Surgery this Summer 2016!  I have lost almost 60 pounds in the last year ... about 20 pounds to go!  Once I get that last 20lbs off, then I can meet with Dr. JS to discuss my surgery options!  I am very anxious to get the reconstruction, as the pain is bothersome. I was hoping that with weight-loss, the pain would become more manageable, but it has not.