Monday, March 31, 2014

One Year Post-Surgery

I was officially discharged from ATI Physical Therapy on (3/14/14).  Facebook Status Update: ("Sarah Viglione - My last day! — at Ati Physical Therapy."). The staff at ATI Physical Therapy was friendly during my entire therapy process - which was over 125 visits total (I lost count since I started going there in June 2013).  I appreciate all of their guidance throughout my recovery process.  And, even though my Foot Drop still isn't completely recovered (measured -4 degrees at discharge), they gave me all the tools and knowledge to continue therapy on my own.  I am confident that I will do just fine!  Mike and I also went out and bought a Stationary Bike (a few nights ago) to assist in my recovery process since I am no longer in Physical Therapy.  

Two weeks ago (3/20/14), I met with Dr. Patel for another Sympathetic Nerve Block Injection to treat my CRPS. As always, he gave me a hug to greet me!  Since I've been doing so well and haven't seen Dr. Patel since December, he pulled up a chair and took a seat to have a chat to see how I've been doing.  We discussed our treatment options going forward in regards to the (still slight) CRPS pain in my right foot.  We decided to go forward with the Sympathetic Nerve Block Injection that morning, and again the following week (3/27/14).  Then, this week Thursday (4/3/14), we're going to try an Epidural Injection, something completely new for me! So far, I haven't noticed any pain change with the two Nerve Block injections this time around, which I typically do.  However, my pain isn't very severe, just more bothersome at this point more than anything, a dull aching pain.  Every now and then I will get a stabbing pain that will last just a few moments, and then will go away.  I'm hoping the Epidural Injection will work well for me on Thursday!

Today, was my -- One Year Post Surgery -- appointment and X-rays.  It went fairly well.  I was hoping to get my Left Hip Reconstruction (PAO) scheduled within the next month or two; however, according to the X-rays it will not be possible at this time.  Dr. JS is sending me in to have a CT scan done on my right hip as it looks like it has not healed in some of the spots all of the way (including where my pelvic bone broke), and he wants to determine the next steps. I'm bummed as I can't have my left side done yet, but I really don't want to ruin all the progress I've made on the right side.  So, we made an appointment for Wednesday to have the CT scan, and all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Facebook Status Updates

February 10, 14 @ 9:04am
My second - EMG - to check out my nerve activity, not looking forward to being zapped for the next couple hours. — at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin.

February 3, 14 @ 10:24am
My foot is measuring at 0 degrees today! Another 10-20 degrees to go!!!! — at Ati Physical Therapy.
January 15, 14 @ 8:50am

January 3, 14 @ 1:11pm
Got to take Matthew to PT with me today! – at Ati Physical Therapy
December 18, 13 @ 10:25am
Woohoooooo -5 today! That's right my foot raised to -5 degrees!!! Only about another 20 degrees to go!!!!!! — at Ati Physical Therapy.
Decemeber 11, 13 @ 10:18am
My foot started to tingle with the electrodes on today! First time ever, and we've been doing this 3X/week since June. They said it's a great sign!!!!!! :-D — at Ati Physical Therapy.
December 9, 13 @ 8:53am
Working my Foot Drop!!! — at Ati Physical Therapy.
December 6, 13 @ 11:08am
Another Sympathetic Nerve Block Injection .... this cold weather can go away now so it can stop flaring up my CRPS pain! — at MCW Pain Centers of Wisconsin Wauwatosa.
November 8, 13 @ 9:53am
Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Block — at MCW Pain Centers of Wisconsin Wauwatosa.
November 12, 13 @ 9:12pm
Sarah Viglione updated her status.
Need really good, warm boots for the winter as the CRPS is acting up again in the cold weather..... any recommendations, please?
October 23, 13 @ 1:09pm
October 14, 13 @ 2:26pm
At Hanger again, getting my AFO refitted! Bruises and blisters stink! — at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.
October 4, 13 @ 8:27am
Nerve Block before the cold winter hits to keep the CRPS in remission! — at MCW Pain Centers of Wisconsin Wauwatosa.
September 16, 13 @ 10:41am
Sarah Viglione updated her status.
I raised my foot to -10 degrees today!
September, 13 @ 1:13pm
I've been back to the West Allis ATI location for one week and my foot is already raising back to -16 degrees. I love the progress I'm seeing again! — at Ati Physical Therapy.
July 17, 13 @ 12:16pm
I can lift my foot to -18°, better than the -39° when I started!!! :-) — at Ati Physical Therapy.
July 15, 13 @ 10:45am
Another week of physical therapy! Hoping to start water therapy this week! :-) — at Ati Physical Therapy.
July 12, 13 @ 7:46am
7th Nerve Block — at MCW Pain Centers of Wisconsin Wauwatosa.
July 9, 13 @ 7:17pm
Sarah Viglione updated her status.
Had my 3 month post surgery appt yesterday - hip is healing great! But, I fractured my pelvic bone somehow.
Had an EMG today to check out my nerves - they are confident that my Foot Drop is NOT permanent. It will just be a matter of time until it gets better. :-)
May 30, 13 @ 8:46am
3rd Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Block -getting relief with each injection! :-) — at MCW Pain Centers of Wisconsin Wauwatosa.
May 24, 13 @ 10:20am
Just got my second Lumbar Nerve Block! — at MCW Pain Centers of Wisconsin Wauwatosa.
May 23, 13 @ 9:43am
Eight week follow-up, I can start bearing 25% weight! :-) — at Medical College of Wisconsin.
May 21, 13 @ 11:32am
Sarah Viglione updated her status.
Dear God, please make the pain go away. I'm trying really hard to understand why you are making me suffer night after night . . .
May 1, 13 @ 1:36am
Sarah Viglione updated her status.
Nerve pain, nerve pain go away . . . and don't come back any other day! A big thank you to Michael for going to Walgreens to get something to help relieve the pain since the prescriptions aren't working! Best husband ever!

Prayers requested, please! The nerve pain in my foot has been unbearable and keeps getting worse! It may mean it's closer to waking up, but hurry up already!