Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Surgery - Left Hip PAO Reconstruction

On, Monday, July 18th, I had to go to Advanced Pain Management at 6:45 (7:30am - Procedure time) to get a Sympathetic Nerve Block Injection. In hopes that CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) and Foot Drop could be prevented this time around. Afterwards, I picked up my Husband and gave my little boys lots of kisses and was off to the Hospital. We arrived at about 9:20am - with a scheduled surgery time of 11am. Got checked in, then was told that I would need to get an Epideral as well for  precautionary measure to help prevent complications. Everyone was running a bit behind, so the left hip PAO reconstruction surgery didn't start until 12:35pm. Then, before I knew it (TMI ALERT), I was waking up from surgery and immediately started throwing up. In the recovery room - I probably threw up a good 3 times (that I can remember), and a few times when I got to my assigned room.

When I got to my assigned room (about 6pm), they put my left leg in a CPM Machine (moves my leg).  I had that going the entire night. Felt nauseous most of the night until 3am. Both of my legs were numb from my butt down due to the Epidural.  They kept the Epidural connected until 9:45am on 7.19.2016. After they removed it - it took another couple hours until I started getting any feeling back in both my legs (around 12pm). I was able to eat a light Breakfast - some Yogurt, a couple Peach slices, and a couple bites of egg. Lunch I ate about and half a salad. And dinner, I had Beef Stroganoff. I felt nauseous again after dinner - so they gave me more nausea medication. They also started me on oral medication for pain management, once they disconnecedt the epidural,

Physical Therapy Update: I was scheduled for PT on 7.19.16 at 9:30am and 2:30pm. However, because my legs were still numb from the Epidural - I couldn't do my 9:30am session. At the 2:30pm session, I was able to sit on the side of the bed and then stand. After a few moments, I felt very light headed and my Blood Pressure dropped, so they had my lie back down. I sat about 5 more minutes after dinner - and again got queasy.  Around 8:00pm they took out my catheter. So, I needed to get up to use the commode. I got up about four times in the night and every time was easier and easier.

So far, so good in my recovery this time around!

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